Ken Mah Talks Rat-L-Trapper

Ken Mah Talks Rat-L-Trapper

From Ken Mah

The rattle trap is a foundational bait for me.  I remember as a kid throwing chrome and blue and some type of red that you could buy almost anywhere. Over the course of my career I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, and it continues to be a staple lure in my every-day arsenal. Almost from the beginning I've also been tweaking the packaged rattle trap.

When I was approached about a collaboration between Bill Lewis and Trapper Tackle I was obviously very excited: I could help design a bait that can be thrown right out of the package.

Weeks turned into months as we figured out the right combination. We tested tirelessly across the nation: Grass, rocks, wood, tules, brush--you name it, we threw the Rat-L-Trapper into it!   We tried different sized hooks, mis-matched hooks, split rings, oval line ties: it seemed like every time we started to settle on the perfect formula, someone would make it even better.

Talk about getting butterflies: When the finished product was presented to the leadership at Bill Lewis and Trapper Tackle, I felt like I was going on my first job interview all over again. Both sides said “Yes, we love it!” and I felt a real sense of accomplishment.

Needless to say, the new Rat-L-Trapper is set up exactly how I would do it--exactly as testers in the R&D process designed it.  It’s worth every penny for the upgraded split rings, line tie and award-winning Trapper treble hooks.

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