The Rat-L-Trapper

Trapper Tackle has combined forces with Bill Lewis Outdoors to create one of the most effective lures right out of the package. The Rat-L-Trapper. A classic fish catcher combined with upgraded Trapper Tackle #4 X Heavy round bend treble hooks, upgraded #1 black nickel hook split rings, and an upgraded oval #3 line tie, this bait has all the mods the FLW tour and Elite Series pro's rely on to maximize their effectiveness out on the water when fishing a lipless crankbait.

Tried and true the Rat-L-Trap has been putting fish in anglers boats across the nation since the late 1960's. With such a successful lure on our hands, one wouldn't look to it to make improvements. Trapper Tackle, the innovators that they are, knew the Bill Lewis Rattle Trap was the right lure to collaborate with. The combination of the legendary performance of the Rat-L-Trap paired with the most innovative fishing hooks on earth has created the most effective lure on earth, guarantee'd to catch fish anywhere. The Rat-L-Trap.

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