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Western Bass - Baits and Baits Mods to Fish Shasta with Greg Gutierrez

Ever since the introduction of the new Elite Wack-A-Sack by Frenzy Baits utilizing our award winning Trapper Tackle drop shot/live bait hook, it has been making waves across the nation. Western Bass wrote a phenomenal article about our teammate and partner Greg Gutierrez and how he utilizes the Wack-A-Sack, and Trapper Tackle hooks on Lake Shasta to dominate the field, land that mondo kicker, and bring home a big fat paycheck. Click the link below to read their article.

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Fishing Tackle Retailer – Muscle Hook Reimagined

The offset wide gap hook equates with bass fishing more than any other piece of terminal tackle. Designed to be dressed with a soft plastic offering, and presented in often nasty, bass-concealing cover, the offset wide gap hook is an essential component in every bass angler’s tackle arsenal. Read More 

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The Fisherman’s Journal – The Classic Bass Fishing Hook Redefined

The Fisherman’s Journal – The Classic Bass Fishing Hook Redefined Few pieces of terminal tackle SCREAM bass fishing like the offset wide gap hook. This perennial, versatile lip-piercer serves as the foundation for a wide variety of soft plastic delivery systems – such as Texas and Carolina rigs – and is equally effective when adorned with a fluke, Senko, topwater toad and a myriad of other offerings.

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Fishing Tackle Retailer – Trapper Tackle Lets Loose the Dropshot Hook

Fresh off a whirlwind introduction at ICAST 2016, including a Best-in-Show performance in the New Product Showcase, Trapper Tackle reveals details about its ultra-versatile Dropshot—Live Bait—Finesse Trapper Hook. With applications that are as broad and far-reaching as the sport of fishing itself, this is truly a game changing tool that belongs in every angler’s tacklebox.

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