Years of on the water testing and refinement have yielded a revolutionary hook design that has been proven to significantly improve bait retention and fish retention, solving problems that plague every angler.

Problem:  Re­-rigging baits every few casts is frustrating and reduces the total number of casts and effective presentations you can put in front of fish.

Solution:  Trapper Hooks lock the lure or bait in its proper position so you re-rig less and spend more time making perfect presentations that trigger strikes.

Problem:  Traditional J­-hooks tend to rotate, often sawing a bigger hole and rotating out of the fish’s mouth.

Solution: Trapper’s patented design effectively locks the fish inside the Trapper Box so you land more fish.
The easiest way to improve your efficiency and effectiveness as an angler is to start by selecting the right hook for the bait and application your fishing. Trapper Tackle shared hooks with anglers of all levels from kids to elite level Pro Bass Fishing Tournament Anglers to prove that the new line of Trapper hooks significantly improve bait retention and fish retention. Improved bait retention means you make more casts and more effective presentations. Better fish retention means you land more fish. In testing, angler after angler reported a significant improvement in angler efficiency and hook set to landing ratios. There are a lot of ways to catch big fish. Whether you target largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, muskie, stripped bass, trout, redfish or other gamefish and regardless of what baits or techniques you use, you can make more casts and land more fish with Trapper Hooks from Trapper Tackle.