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MarTease Custom TrapTease Trout

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Trapper Tackle brings yet another spectacular custom lure to the forefront from master painter MarTease Lures. This lure features a glow-in-the-dark chartreuse base (custom mixed in studio) with transparent green and a yellow top-coat to finish.

This 1" lure can be fished nearly any way desired, but is particularly effective when used with a twitching method that replicates an injured fish. Designed to be a quick-rise, diving jerk, when used with quick retrieval or fished in current the lure mirrors the swimstyle of a shallow-diving crankbait and is similar to that of a squarebill.

The single hook is specific and placed strategically to give the lure its particular swim angle: it will travel on its chest and plane water like fins, attracting bigger fish. The TrapTease Trout is a multi-species bait; when paired with our Trapper Trebles, the lure has effectively landed various trout, bass, crappie, bluegill and even catfish.

Don't be left in the dark. Get the all-new TrapTease Trout and Land More Fish!

Please note these custom lures may vary from batch to batch.