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Zee Bait ArmA Craw

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Trapper Tackle is pleased to offer new White Label plastics from Zee Bait, an exceptional match for our hooks.

Made from a unique phthalate-free plastic blend, these craws are non-salted for maximum movement and durability. The ArmA Craw features a unique profile for life-like movement and is heavily scented with Zee Bait's Bass Syrup Coffee and Garlic formula. This bait can be rigged a multitude of ways including as a jig trailer, in a weighted Texas rig for a finesse skipping presentation, or with one of our Kyoto Rig set-ups. Or combine it with one of our tungsten flipping weights on our x-heavy offset hooks.

ArmA Craw is great on bass when presented along rocky bottoms. When tipped on a jig, ArmA can appear to be "raising its claws," presenting a natural defensive posture that signals bass to feed. 

Paired with our patented Trapper Tackle hooks, the innovative technology of ArmA Craw will catch 'em anywhere you go, whether you’re fishing small ponds, rivers or large reservoirs. Designed and made in the USA, it will quickly become one of your go-to baits. Land more fish, make more casts, and keep your Zee Bait plastics pinned with Trapper Tackle.  

  • 4.25" overall length (4" from rear to claw tips)
  • 7 per pack