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Zee Bait Twig Related Trapper Tackle LLC Green Pumpkin
Zee Bait Twig Related Trapper Tackle LLC Black/Blue Flake

Zee Bait Twig

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Trapper Tackle is pleased to offer new White Label plastics from Zee Bait, an exceptional match for our hooks.

Made from a unique phthalate-free plastic blend, these twigs are non-salted for maximum movement and durability, and are heavily scented with Zee Bait's popular Coffee & Garlic Bass Syrup.

These semi-floating baits have the look of insect larvae or egg clusters.  Twigs can be fished in a multitude of styles, including Texas and Carolina rigs, dropshot, splitshot, or jig head rig. They are also extremely effective fished  "wacky worm" style, rigging them with the hook running directly through the middle of the worm. 

You can also fish these as you would a fluke, Texas-rigged with no weight and retrieved with short jerks and pauses.  Or fish them with a stand-up shakey head (try our Frenzy wack-a-sack here). You can even cut them down and fish them on a ned head jig.

Be sure to pair these versatile twigs with our award-winning Trapper hooks to make more casts and land more fish!

  • 4"
  • 12 per pack