Trapper Tackle Vinyl Decals

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A vinyl decal for your car, boat or truck is the perfect way to tell the world that you are a Trapper Tackle fan. 

Each of our 2 color die cut vinyl decals has an outdoor life expectancy of 5 years.


1 - Put a strip of painters tape on one of the vertical edges of the front of the decal.  Half of the tape on the decal and half off.
2 - Once decal is in the desired location, push the exposed half of tape on the surface where decal is being mounted.  (This creates a "hinge".) 
3 - Remove paper backing from decal so adhesive is exposed.
4 - Hold un-taped end of decal with very little tension on the masking tape.  Starting at the taped end of the decal, use a squeegee to apply the decal to the surface while maintaining very little tension on the masking tape.



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