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Ken Mah Talks Rat-L-Trapper

From Ken Mah The rattle trap is a foundational bait for me.  I remember as a kid throwing chrome and blue and some type of red that you could buy almost anywhere. Over the course of my career I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, and it continues to be a staple lure in my every-day arsenal. Almost from the beginning I've also been tweaking the packaged rattle trap. When I was approached about a collaboration between Bill Lewis and Trapper Tackle I was obviously very excited: I could help design a bait that can be thrown right out of the package. Weeks turned into months as we figured out the right combination. We tested tirelessly across the nation:...

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The Rat-L-Trapper

Trapper Tackle has combined forces with Bill Lewis Outdoors to create one of the most effective lures right out of the package. The Rat-L-Trapper. A classic fish catcher combined with upgraded Trapper Tackle #4 X Heavy round bend treble hooks, upgraded #1 black nickel hook split rings, and an upgraded oval #3 line tie, this bait has all the mods the FLW tour and Elite Series pro's rely on to maximize their effectiveness out on the water when fishing a lipless crankbait. Tried and true the Rat-L-Trap has been putting fish in anglers boats across the nation since the late 1960's. With such a successful lure on our hands, one wouldn't look to it to make improvements. Trapper Tackle, the innovators...

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Western Bass - Baits and Baits Mods to Fish Shasta with Greg Gutierrez

Ever since the introduction of the new Elite Wack-A-Sack by Frenzy Baits utilizing our award winning Trapper Tackle drop shot/live bait hook, it has been making waves across the nation. Western Bass wrote a phenomenal article about our teammate and partner Greg Gutierrez and how he utilizes the Wack-A-Sack, and Trapper Tackle hooks on Lake Shasta to dominate the field, land that mondo kicker, and bring home a big fat paycheck. Click the link below to read their article.

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Fishing Tackle Retailer – Muscle Hook Reimagined

The offset wide gap hook equates with bass fishing more than any other piece of terminal tackle. Designed to be dressed with a soft plastic offering, and presented in often nasty, bass-concealing cover, the offset wide gap hook is an essential component in every bass angler’s tackle arsenal. Read More 

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