Change is Coming - Trapper Trebles

Change is Coming - Trapper Trebles

Introducing Trapper Trebles, the most effective fish hook in the world. Our treble hook family includes Trapper Round Bend, Trapper EWG Short Shank, and Trapper Salt Water Trebles.


Frog fishing is super exciting, but typically comes with low landing percentages. Trapper Tackle Pro, Vince Hurtado shares tips and techniques that show you how to catch bass on a Zoom Horny Toad rigged on a 5/0 Wide Gap X Heavy Trapper Hook using a variety of subsurface fishing techniques. 

Trapper Tackle - Classified Mission

We assembled a battalion of anglers across the country and put them on a mission to prove that Trapper Hooks hold fish better than conventional hook designs...Mission Accomplished.