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First Annual Spring Invitational Fishing Tournament

HUGE CONGRATS to Joe McClosky Fishing A.K.A McFish of Bethel University Bass Fishing Team and Gavin Gordon of Henry County High School!!! They are the winners of the First Annual Spring Invitational Fishing Tournament hosted by Trapper Tackle and Bethel University this past Saturday on Carroll County TN's 1,000 Acre Lake. Bethel fishing team coach Gary Mason, Jr. and Trapper Tackle CEO David Freeman developed the tournament to invite area high school fishing teams to fish with the Bethel collegiate team, ranked #1 in the country. The County High Schools of West Carroll, Benton and Henry were invited and the format was the largest fish caught. Despite the 40 degree temperatures and winds escalating to almost gale force, the intrepid...

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Bass Fishing Dads Podcast with David Freeman

The dads are joined by David Freeman and Greg Boik of Trapper Tackle. They discuss a little history and the mission statement from Trapper Tackle, and also get into some innovation and what lies ahead in the future. As new partners moving forward, The dads roll out a new segment called “let's get technical!” sponsored by Trapper Tackle. Tune in and learn about these incredibly well designed and researched hooks, and also stick around and listen for that promo at the end. Listen to the Podcast  

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Ken Mah Talks Rat-L-Trapper

From Ken Mah The rattle trap is a foundational bait for me.  I remember as a kid throwing chrome and blue and some type of red that you could buy almost anywhere. Over the course of my career I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars on it, and it continues to be a staple lure in my every-day arsenal. Almost from the beginning I've also been tweaking the packaged rattle trap. When I was approached about a collaboration between Bill Lewis and Trapper Tackle I was obviously very excited: I could help design a bait that can be thrown right out of the package. Weeks turned into months as we figured out the right combination. We tested tirelessly across the nation:...

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The Rat-L-Trapper

Trapper Tackle has combined forces with Bill Lewis Outdoors to create one of the most effective lures right out of the package. The Rat-L-Trapper. A classic fish catcher combined with upgraded Trapper Tackle #4 X Heavy round bend treble hooks, upgraded #1 black nickel hook split rings, and an upgraded oval #3 line tie, this bait has all the mods the FLW tour and Elite Series pro's rely on to maximize their effectiveness out on the water when fishing a lipless crankbait. Tried and true the Rat-L-Trap has been putting fish in anglers boats across the nation since the late 1960's. With such a successful lure on our hands, one wouldn't look to it to make improvements. Trapper Tackle, the innovators...

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