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Manteca Bulletin – Trapper Tackle Gets Two Big Thumbs Up

Throughout the years there have been significant changes, improvements and new inventions that have changed the way we fish. If you were to examine the basic tackle that’s been used to catch fish for thousands of years — hook, line, and pole — two of the three have had significant changes, while the other hasn’t changed much in 40,000 years when it was first carved out of bone. If you guessed the “hook,” you’re right.  That’s all about to change thanks to Trapper Tackle’s “Trapper Hook.”

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Bassmaster – Building a Better Fishing Hook

Larry Davidson set out to solve a problem, and in doing so he might just have perfected the fishing hook.  The successful tournament angler from Indian Orchard, Mass., didn’t like that his plastics wouldn’t stay on hooks. He came up with an innovative solution incorporating right-angle bends in the hook, which he surmised would also hold fish better. He and his Trapper Tackle team unveiled the hook at ICAST, where on Wednesday night it was voted Best of Show in the Terminal Tackle category.

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