SKU: T0110

Trapper Tackle has teamed with Bill Lewis Outdoors to create, hands down, the best lipless crankbait straight out of the box: The Rat-L-Trapper!

The Bill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap has stood the test of time, catching multi-species of fish and winning tournaments since the late 1960's. Shallow cranking over grass beds, burned through suspended schools of bass, or cast deep and banged through rocks or other heavy cover on the retrieve, this lure covers a multitude of techniques. So how do you improve such a phenomenal lure? By adding our patented, ICAST 2017 Best In Show, Trapper Tackle X-Heavy Round Bend Treble hooks!

We've downsized to super tough, black nickel #1 split rings and upsized to #4 Trapper Tackle X-Heavy Round Bend Treble hooks. The final touch is an oval #3 line tie to keep your main line from getting caught in the split of a round ring and breaking off, and to keep your lure running true. The result: The most effective rattle trap right out of the box!

These are the same upgrades professional tournament anglers apply to their lures and Trapper Tackle is proud to offer you this elite series Rat-L-Trap that is ready to be fished, no upgrades required. We've chosen the top colors from around the nation, helping you to catch more fish anywhere. 

Land more fish with Trapper Tackle's Rat-L-Trapper.